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Tips For Eating Clean On A Budget

Eating Clean On A Budget Is Possible!

Pay attention to price vs size as well as convenience vs cost.

  • 10 oz bag of fresh savoy spinach for $1.99. I almost paid $2.99 for a bag half that size!
  • I felt like I was in heaven when I saw a whole end display of pre cut fresh veggies!! They we a little bit pricier than uncut BUT I know I will be more likely to use these because they are ready to go! How much money in fresh veggies to you think you throw away every week?!?! Its probably wayyy more than the few extra cents these pre cut ones will cost you!!
  • These yummy peppers can be eaten with no (just rinsed) prep at all!!
  • A dash of PB2 is delish in My Shakeology! I shake and go instead of having to scoop and measure the almond butter then blend in a blender. This one container goes a LONG way!
  • Green beans…open the bag and eat as is or throw in a pan to steam and ready in less than 5 min!!
  • Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and is so versatile since it can be mixed with fruit or veggies and taste yummy!! The individual sizes help with portion control as well as convenience.
  • Carrots…simple…I all but cut off a finger every time I try to cut a whole carrot so anything other than this bag is not an option for me 🙂

Pay a little extra attention how much money you are throwing away when cleaning out your fridge and take a few extra minutes at the grocery store looking for the things that can help make your week a success.

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