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My Journey After Weight Loss Surgery ~ Introduction~

Introduction: Sharing my Journey 11 Years After Weight Loss Surgery


In this first video I overcome my fear and begin to share my 11 year Journey after Weight Loss Surgery and I’m finding myself excited about it! This will be an 8 part series that I will share the ups, the downs, the good and the bad of my weight loss journey.

Many know someone or know of someone that has had Weight Loss Surgery but unless you have been there yourself, it’s not an easy thing to understand. It’s a really tough subject to bring up whether your on the side of asking questions or on the side of providing answers. Unfortunately its one of those things that comes with lots of opinions and lots of judgement. I’ve experienced that first hand.

My Mission is to share the truths and to give some insight into what goes on within ME and those who have been there and those that are considering it. There are lots of emotions that come into play. Excitement. Fear. Embarrassment. Shame. Feeling of failure. Depression. Anxiety and then some. If I could help YOU understand and better support someone in your life that is going through this then my MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED!

What I share in the video is ~

  • Who I am and what I do for a living and why I created a new name for my business
  • WHY I let fear stop me from sharing sooner
  • WHY I am choosing to share my story
  • How can YOU help someone
  • Where I will be sharing my story
  • What comes along with fear after Weight Loss Surgery
  • Who supported me

My request of you is to have a soft spot in your heart for those that have made or are making the choice to have Weight Loss Surgery. I promise you, it did NOT come easy for them.


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