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My Weight Loss Surgery Journey Part 3 ~ Mindset and Emotions ~

A Deeper Look Into The Mindset And Emotions Surrounding Weight Loss Surgery

Today I went a bit deeper into the Mindset and Emotions that surrounded me and my Journey with Weight Loss Surgery. I never expected the roller coaster ride that it turned out to be.

Mindset, like in any other area of you life NEEDS to be in the right place going into Weight Loss Surgery and what I realized was that there is a difference between Mindset, my WHY and Emotions which I speak about in the video below.

To be truly driven and committed to any choice your making in life, you need a WHY that digs deep in you. I talk about My Dad being my WHY and how he lost his battle with life just one month after my surgery. My Why was driven by Dad because I saw all of what he couldn’t do and all of what he missed and I knew that I didn’t and couldn’t fall into that same pattern and I knew my Dad would want more for me.

If your Mindset isn’t set to a place of being with a total lifestyle change forever then your success will be temporary. The Mindset of Weight Loss Surgery needs to be one of a life long commitment and embraced as a way of life and not a prison sentence.

To say there was a roller coaster of emotions would be an understatement. I had my WHY, I had the Mindset and yet STILL, my emotions were all over the place. I went through everything from the fear of judgement, embarrassment, feeling like a failure because I couldn’t do it on my own, worrying if I would be able to uphold the lifestyle changes that I knew would be necessary to just crying because I was so exhausted from all the above.

Its definitely a journey that needs to be embraced for the right reason and strong Mindset that you can live with forever!

With Much Love,


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