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My Weight Loss Surgery Journey Part 4 ~ Creating Support ~

The Importance Of Creating Support BEFORE, During and After your Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery is NOT something that should be taken on alone, EVER!! Once the decision to have Weight Loss Surgery, it is a LIFETIME commitment that may come with risks, emotional struggles and lots and lots of changes with your body, inside and out.

In my video below I share the importance of creating support throughout the journey of Weight Loss Surgery. Support from family and friends as well as the support of the Medical Team will make a true difference in what comes up for us.

With the emotional roller coaster and mixed emotions that come along the decision to go forward with surgery, support is NECESSARY whether you want it or not. It’s really hard to reach out for support when your in a place of feeling ashamed, embarrassed or feel like a failure BUT trying to do it alone is just going to make all those feelings more present every single day.

What I found was that when I reached out for help and I shared my fears with others, it brought us closer and it gave them a better sense of understanding of why I made the choice I made. Also, setting goals then sharing those goals makes them more REAL and  puts in a sense of accountability. Accountability is something that is resisted more than welcomed and is HARD to take on but the impact of being held accountable is one of the most effective tools in this journey. There were so many things that have brought me to where I am 11 years later and I can say that ACCOUNTABILITY is in the top three of that list.

Committing to Weight Loss Surgery is a HUGE decision and trying to do it alone just doesn’t make sense!!

Much Love,


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