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My Weight Loss Surgery Journey Part 5 ~ The After Effect ~

The Deep Down Secrets Of How The After Effects Played A Part In My Life

Could you imagine coming home after being handed compliment after compliment and just totally tearing yourself apart in your mind?? Yeah, me either…..UNTIL I did it myself.

I share in my video below , the many different after effects that came following my Weight Loss Surgery. Most of which I would have NEVER seen coming! I cover everything from the extra skin to how I dealt with compliments.

My mind went though just as much of a transformation as did my body. As I mention in my video, I only WISH that I had the personal development tools then that I have now. Oh, how differently I could have handled things, mostly MYSELF!!

I am not one to look back and regret because I truly believe EVERYTHING is an opportunity to learn and grow. What I am now doing with everything I got from my journey (good or not so good) is sharing it with others in the hopes of being able to empower them in a way so they can learn and grow and even maybe not have to deal with some of the struggles I did. My NUMBER ONE suggestion would be for anyone considering Weight Loss Surgery to dive DEEP into Personal Development!! Yes, there are millions upon millions of books, movies, videos and what not and it can be overwhelming. Don’t be overwhelmed, just reach out and Ill help you choose what would be a good fit for you.

I hope I make you laugh when you hear me in this video talk about how people would think that my husband was with someone else because they didn’t recognize me! Seriously, could you imagine what that could have brought?!?! THAT was something that I never saw coming. I figured because I still recognized everyone that they would recognize me too. Not the case…….just sayin!

Much Love,



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