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My Weight Loss Surgery Journey Part 6 ~ Nutritional Deficiencies ~

My Body Needed More Than What I Was Getting From My Food And Supplements

There is so much more to having success after Weight Loss Surgery than just losing weight. What is going on with your insides is just as important as what is going on with your outsides!

One of the battles that I struggled with was nutritional deficiencies. In my video below I spoke about how I found a way to give my body what it needed to function at its optimal potential. I also go deep into how and why our bodies need supplementation and why we, as Weight Loss Surgery patients, do not retain the same nutritional value from food that most do.

Nutritional deficiencies are found in approximately 50% of patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery.

The most common deficiencies are:

Vitamin B12 – Complications from Deficiency: Anemia, Neuropathy, Cognitive Difficulties

 Folate/Folic Acid – Complications from Deficiency: Megalobastic Anemia, Neurological and Psychiatric Problems

Zinc – Folate Deficiency

Iron – Iron Deficiency Anemia, Fatigue, Generalized Weakness and Irritability

Copper – Progressive Difficulty Walking, Heart Enlargement, Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders

Calcium – Osteoporosis

Vitamin D – Osteoporosis

I hope you were able to get some sense of the importance of being in tune with your body and why its SO important to learn as much as you can about not just Weight Loss Surgery but ANY surgery you may be taking on.

You may not be aware of the effects of these deficiencies right away but I encourage you to take action BEFORE its too late and follow your Surgeons instruction RIGHT AWAY. Most of these complications are not reversible BUT can be preventable. YOU are the ONLY source of giving your body to perform the way its meant to perform and more often than not it tells us what it needs and what it doesn’t need.


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