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Giving Up Your RUT ~ Tip 1: Check Your Environment

First Step In Giving Up Your RUT is Taking A Look Around You

Sometimes we know exactly what is causing us to be in our RUT and sometimes we have no idea. Here’s the thing, usually what we “THINK” is the reason for our RUT is not really it.

First, take a look around you. Look at your world, your environment.

What do you wake to up everyday? Is your bedroom a welcoming and organized space for you to fall asleep and to wake up to?

How about your bathroom. Is everything organized and easy to find when getting ready for the day?

Your Home. Is it a place you feel warm and cozy in or are there always a million things running through your mind of what you need to get done?

What’s the inside of your car like? Do you find yourself relaxed while driving or does everything that you’ve collected make you crazy? Do you have regular thoughts like “I really NEED to clean this car!”

Your job. Do you dread going there or do you love it?

These are just a few of the areas of your environment that can have an impact on your RUT. The GOOD NEWS is that YOU can control every single on of these. It may be time consuming or something outside your comfort zone but the difference it could make in your life is HUGE!!

Being in an ongoing RUT causes you to be in a constant state of stress, self loathing, tired and unfulfilled. Do you know what that does to your body? It tears it up inside.

Here are a few signs that you may be in a RUT ~

  • When someone asks you “How are you?” your usual response is “Eh- ok, I guess”
  • When you finally have some “free” time, your usually too tired to do anything
  • You are not excited about your day and you do not look forward to tomorrow
  • You never seem to get through your “To Do” list and are overwhelmed by it
  • You are always comparing yourself and your life to others
  • You want MORE for your life but you don’t believe you could ever have it so you stay feeling stuck and deal with it as this is the way your life will always be

Do you see yourself in any of those examples? If so, keep following this series and get tips on how to dig yourself out of your RUT!

Much Love,




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