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Giving Up Your RUT ~ Tip: 3 Thanking Your Body And Feeding Your Brain

What Does Thanking Your Body And Feeding Your Brain Mean?

So, what does thanking your body and feeding your brain have to do with giving up your RUT?? The answer is EVERYTHING!!

Take a minute to think about everything that we ask and expect our bodies to do. If you are an active person then you don’t think twice about expecting your body to get up early, workout, clean the house, put in a full work day, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, help with homework, pack lunches etc. In doing all that, we generally are running on less sleep than what we should be getting. If your more of a “couch potato” kind of person and do more chilling out than anything, then you are preventing your body from thriving and functioning the way its meant to.

With that being said, BOTH of those examples above can lead you directly into a big old RUT!! Asking and expecting your body to go to either of those extremes puts lots of stress on your insides as well as your MIND! The cool thing is that there is a HEALTHY BALANCE!!

A place to start to look at is feeding your mind with HEALTHY, MOTIVATING content. Many of us have spent most of their lives thinking and telling themselves that they are not good enough, that they can’t do something and that there is no way out of the life they are in. This could have come from hearing those things from childhood on and you chose to continue to live in that dialogue or it could have come from something you created when you came up against something that you failed at. When someone gives you a compliment, how often do you accept it and thank them and really “GET” what they said to you? What happens more times than not is that we immediately come back with a comment that totally disregards what they just said and puts ourselves down or gives an excuse why we are NOT what they just gave us credit for. Crazy that thats a NATURAL reaction, right??

Bottom line, we allow the constant feeding of negative content to build our thoughts of ourselves. The same goes for positive content. Feeding your brain EVERYDAY with HEALTHY, HAPPY content will eventually retrain your mind to a place of you being truly in love with yourself. Its called Personal Development.

You can do this in many ways such as, books, podcasts, daily affirmations, daily coaching calls and videos. Later in the series I will share some of my favorite personal development tools and I will fully support you in making them a regular part of your day!!


With Love,



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