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Giving Up Your RUT ~ Step 4: Setting Attainable Goals

Set Goals That Don’t Set You Up For Failure

Setting Goals is more than likely not something you haven’t heard before and I’m sure it’s something that you have even done before or have attempted to do before. In short, it’s not a NEW concept! With that being said, you may not have tried it the way I am suggesting you try it. Are you up for playing a new game with your GOALS??

First, SHARE your goals with someone! You can choose to share them with the world on Facebook and/or share them with a friend. My suggestion is to share them with someone who will not enable you in your excuses. Ask this person to hold you accountable. YOU will need to do a good SELF check and be ready for any and all communication from this trusted person. It is not always fun being “called out” but it sure is EFFECTIVE!!

Have FUN with your goals! Even having a goal like cleaning out a room or cleaning your garage or even your yard can be fun! Make a game of it! Get others involved. Anytime you are surrounded by others and have that extra support, it brings a whole new space for fun and accomplishment to what you are doing.

Create reminders of what the outcome of your goal will look like. In my video I mention doing a vision board. Those are SO FUN!! Have you ever put sticky notes around your house as reminders? Maybe an inspirational quote on your mirror, a picture of the yard of your dreams on your fridge? A picture of that outfit on your closet that you want SO BAD but are just not comfortable quite yet? These are all great ways to keep you present to what your working towards. IF you see these things and are bummed out because you do not have them yet then you MUST go back and watch my videos on Tips 1-3 again and get yourself out of that space!!

Here is your new motivation hashtag <<<<< #GOTGOALS >>>>>  Now get to WORK!!!

Much Love,


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