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Giving Up Your RUT ~ Tip 5: Take Action

Its Time To Take Action! The World Is Not Coming To Save You!

Today we are wrapping up my “Giving Up Your RUT” Series with Tip 5 which is TAKING ACTION!! You are the ONLY one that can get you out of the space you are in! Not your Mom. Not your Dad. Not your Boss. Not your BFF. Not the World!! Its ALL YOU!!

What is so great about YOU being the only one that cant dig yourself out of a RUT is that by doing so, the growth that will come from taking that ACTION will be so amazing and will serve you in so many ways!! Don’t forget what we talked about at the very beginning of this series. What we THINK is causing us to be in a RUT usually is not the TRUE reason. For example, if we spill our coffee on our lap while driving, of course that is going to throw us off and it’s going to be the drive-thru attendants fault and you will ramble on about how they can’t even do their job right, this happens all the time and all you needed was a good cup of coffee to get you going on the right track for a great day and now its just all RUINED!!!

Been there done that, right?!?! I know I have for sure!! BELIEVE me when I say this…..the reason you are having a bad day has NOTHING to do with the coffee that is now in your lap. It’s bigger and deeper than that! If you were already having a good day and your MIND was in a good place, then when YOU spilled your coffee on your lap, your reaction would have been “Man! I should have checked the cover because this has happened before. I know better!!”

Taking ACTION on one thing at a time will free you from feeling stuck and it will empower you to keep moving forward and taking on bigger things in your life! Also, you do not have to do it on your own! Stop being so selfish and keep yourself to yourself!! Be the source of reaching out and inviting people into your world. They can not do the job for you but they sure can help motivate you and hold you accountable and bring FUN to something that has been surrounded by misery.

Are you ready to get the shovel and start digging yourself out of your RUT yet??

Much Love,



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