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Embracing Change ~ Day 298 ~ Finding A Balance Within Your Physical Limits

Who Knew Modifying Would Be Such A Struggle?

Who knew? I did…..eventually. If I didn’t THRIVE on challenging myself with my workouts then maybe this crazy mindset I have wouldn’t be such a struggle!!

A few years after my weight loss surgery, I got myself addicted to the gym. Actually, I had more than one gym membership and I used them BOTH! I couldn’t get enough! It felt GREAT! I was being CHALLENGED and my body was seeing RESULTS!! Inside and out! At that point I didn’t get that I could workout “too much”. To me that didn’t even make sense! I spent most of my adult life WISHING I had a love for working out and I FINALLY had the passion I had always wished for and I was OVERDOING it!

This did CRAZY things to my mindset when it comes to working out. I had so much FEAR of falling backwards in my journey that I took EVERY opportunity I could to push and push HARD!

This became a problem when I started having issues with my knees. I kept pushing despite the pain. I really tried not going all out but I was NOT successful. I had to eventually stop my memberships. This was tough and it was hard for a long time. I had to find something DIFFERENT. Thats when I started working out a home and I found myself being able to modify a little better. You would think that after double knee replacements that I would be excited for the break from working out! NOPE! Not me!! I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I took on my PT like they were my workouts and I was determined to have the best possible recovery I could and I DID!!

Now, almost a year post surgery, Im back to struggling with modifying! My mind is telling me that I’ve had plenty of recoup time and I need and can go back to doing what I was doing before. I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t work like that and that I need to start from the bottom and build back up.

Im declaring TODAY that thats exactly what I am committed to doing!!




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