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Mindset Motivation ~ Trash The To Do List!!!

Is Your To Do List Stressing You Out?

Who gets ANYTHING done without a list?!?! NOT ME!!!

A list was the only way that I was ever getting anything done but at the same time, I always felt stressed out by my list and felt defeated if I didn’t get to cross everything off. Or I would just add whatever I didn’t get done to my next days list. Do you have any idea how many days I would have the same things on my list for?? TOO MANY!!

What I have recently started to do is adding my To Do list to my actual schedule. I have ALWAYS been an OCD scheduling crazy type of person so I welcomed anything that had to do with scheduling anything! The difference it has made is that it really puts everything in REAL time. The time has been set aside and if life throws something in your way, you have a better visual of where you can fit it back in. Yes, there are days that I don’t get everything done but it’s been few and far between since I’ve been using this method.

Another great advantage to adding my To Do list to my actual schedule is that I don’t lose it! My schedule is kept in my phone as well as in my schedule/appointment book and I do not generally misplace either of those.  I find loose pieces of paper EVERYWHERE!! Guess what those pieces of paper are? YEP! My To Do lists!! To think I actually wondered why I forgot to do so many things! I loose my lists and my mind goes right along with it!

Give this method a try! It gives you more control of your day and it really makes a difference in managing your time. There isn’t anything that is not important enough to add to your schedule! I schedule my shower, my workouts, grocery shopping, dinner time etc.  IT JUST WORKS!!!

Much Love,


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