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Mindset Motivation ~ What We Resist Persists

Do You Notice The More You Say NO, The More We Want It?

Do you find yourself resisting everything? It is almost like an immediate reaction! When we decide that we are not going to allow ourselves something, THAT is when we most want it!! Crazy, right?!?!

Many of us are the give up cold turkey type, many look for that balance and many struggle with giving anything up. I found that my mindset changed when I stopped resisting EVERYTHING! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there really could be a balance. This behavior can apply to just about any area of our lives. Relationships, workouts, food, our kiddos, our jobs etc.

So, what can we do about it? The first place to look is just being able to know your resisting when it’s happening. This will give you the opportunity to make a choice. Your choice is to either keep resisting or give it up! What does giving it up look like? Giving it up looks like embracing your “chip” like I talk about in my video. If your looking to lose weight, embrace it as a lifelong journey instead of a short term “diet” just until you reach your goal. If it’s a conversation with someone to clear something up, give up having to make them wrong and you having to be right. You do this and the odds are in your favor!

When was the last time you jumped two feet into something that you were not certain of the outcome or even how to really do what you were jumping into? If your like me, probably few and far between. I FINALLY gave that UP and you know what happened? I became stronger inside and out, my relationships improved, my business grew, i grew into my leadership, I created new leaderships. I now live every day of my life POWERFULLY with INTENTION!!

Try taking on something that you usually resist and find your COMPLETE BALANCE!

Much Love,


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