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Getting Back On Track ~ Step 2 Have A Plan

Having A Plan Is Setting You Up For Success

Not having a plan is OK and works when your intentionally setting out to go with the flow. For example, your on vacation and you just want to be spontaneous and just do whatever you want as it comes up. Or if you have a day off and you need to just let your brain rest and you chose to do something or do nothing. Those situations are very different than being in the mindset that your out to CREATE something or ACCOMPLISH a goal.

As I talk about in my video below, it’s not just having a plan to get you started. It’s having a plan to




This structure can work for ANYTHING in your in life when your working towards a goal or creating something new or GETTING BACK ON TRACK. I will speak specifically about weight loss/lifestyle change.

We can all and MANY of us have started out with the intention to lose weight and some even had the structure of a plan that would get them started and told them what to do during but the missing in SO MANY plans is with the maintenance. Getting started is not easy but Maintaining weight loss is the most challenging part of a weight loss journey. As I’ve said before, MINDSET is always the FIRST STEP in getting started and that mindset that’s it is a LIFESTYLE is so important. That being said, set yourself up for long term and embrace it. In business there is always a business plan to get started, a structure put in place to keep it moving forward and then generally a 3 year plan, 5 year plan etc. Treat your “plan” the same way!

The plan with the best structure that has worked with helping me continue to maintain my 120lb weight loss is the 21 Day Fix. This covers all three steps that I spoke of and is the most realistic plan to work into life!

Much Love,


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