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Embracing Change ~ Day 318 When Things Don’t Go As Planned

What Happens When Something Doesn’t Go As You Planned It To Go?

I am a planner in every way of what there is to plan and how to plan it. I mean, if we actually take the time to create a PLAN, then that makes it REAL, right?!?! Well, yes and no. Creating a plan ABSOLUTELY makes it more real than not creating a plan and putting it out there definitely bring it to reality.

What we need to really “get” is that life does not always go perfectly the way we plan it to go. It’s what we CHOOSE to do at that moment is what will make a difference for us. We can choose to throw in the towel, get frustrated, shame ourselves, be mad at others and forget we ever even created an intention around a plan to begin with OR we can accept what has happened and what has not happened and create a new plan. Making ourselves wrong and falling back into our excuses will do NOTHING and will only hold us back!

I created a plan on day 300, post surgery (double knee replacements) to start a new workout and that did not work out.I started it, did ok for a few days then started to feel some pain and got scared and stopped. I then started another workout and the same thing happened. Honestly, I’m not sure if I could have pushed past what I was feeling and it was all part of the muscles working again and building again. Bottom line, fear was there and I stopped. I went through all I listed above, frustration, shame and wanting to give up. I only let that hang around for a very little bit. I then chose to do something that i KNEW would be OK and would help me build my muscles up in my legs and get them ready for something more intense. I jumped back on my bike and started kickin my own A$$!!! It’s not exactly the workout I was looking to take on but it is what will work for me right now, it will get me results, it will challenge me and will keep my mind in the game!!

What plan has not worked for you and what will you take on to create a new plan and keep moving forward? Do NOT be the one that gets in your own way of what you truly want!!

Much Love,



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