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Giving Back ~ Ruck4HITCapeCod Journey Starts Here

You Can Never Give Yourself What You get From Giving Back

This is something that I believe in 110%. From what I have experienced in Giving Back, it gives you SO much more that you can EVER give yourself. It fills your heart, makes you proud, gives you purpose and most of all helps others.

It’s not always easy to find the extra time to volunteer but it is there, I PROMISE. I know what it’s like having a crazy busy schedule and having to get kids here and there and working opposite schedules and all that and thats just a normal part of the “grind” of life. Back when our kids were little/school age, we gave back by coaching, running sports leagues, volunteering at tournaments etc. It was so much fun and a way for us to be involved in our kids lives as well as giving back. Now that our kids are older and way past school age, we have taken another path in Giving Back.

John and I spend time Giving Back with Heroes In Transition. In this series I will share the different avenues that we are involved in but I am going to start with the most recent event Ruck4HITCapeCod.

The video below is our send off for a 200+ mile relay from one end of Cape Cod and back. It was such an amazing experience being with so many people that are ready and willing to give back just as much as we are! This journey was full of laughs, tears, exhaustion and team work. The teams were made up of 7 runners and 2 drivers and the relay consisted of 3 Team Challenges where all 9 team members participated. I will share those challenges in a later video.

Enjoy our send off and follow the rest of this series to see what happens next!!

Much Love,


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