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My Weight Loss Surgery Part 9 ~ 11 Years And 100LBS Later ~

Who Knew 11 Years Would Pass So Fast And Where I Would Be

When I chose to have Weight Loss Surgery over 11 years ago, I knew that I was totally committed to creating a new lifestyle but I really didn’t know what that would look like long term nor did I know what opportunities would come from it. I have to say, I couldn’t be happier about where I am what has opened up for me and my life!

In my video below I share how my 11 year post surgery check up went. There were a few awesome things that happened during this appointment despite me feeling a little bit yukky about the 15lbs that had crept up over the course of the last year after my double knee replacements. I found out that even at where I am, I am above the percentage of what they consider “successful surgery” weight. I explain how that works in the video. Your mind goes through all kinds of funky thoughts surrounding your weight after surgery and it was a relief that from the mindshift shift that I had created over the last 11 years that I was able to let go of the guilt surrounding the extra pounds this past year and continue to push forward and get myself back to where I know I need to be and where my mind and body feel good! Let me just be clear, when I say that I let the guilt go, that doesn’t mean that I am giving myself permission to stay where I am. It simply means that I stopped beating myself up. By letting that awful constant feeling go, it creates a much more powerful space to move forward!

I also share about the opportunity that opened up for me to participate and share my story at weight loss surgery support groups! This was something that I have been really wanting to take on but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure what I had to share would have an impact. I also kicked that crazy mindset to the curb and as soon as I did, that very opportunity opened right up for me! With that being said, I am also starting a Virtual Private Group for those that have had and are having Weight Loss Surgery. What this group will provide is a place for us to share experiences, successes and struggles as well as tips we have learned, recipes we can handle and create a healthy mindset to take on life after weight loss surgery!! This group is BRAND NEW and I  am excited to get this started! If you fit that criteria or know someone that does, please click here to request to join and be a part of something growing from the ground up!!

Always know that it is OK to share my blogs!! Weight Loss Surgery is a funny thing and not everyone “gets it” but I do and I am here to help others with the transition!

Much Love,

Coach KMA

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