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Embracing Change ~ 1 Year Post Bilateral Knee Replacements

Happy Birthday New Knees!!

A year? Already? This has truly been a year of growth and mindset shifting in so many ways! Having a bilateral total knee replacement is not something that is common in a 43 year old woman. That being said, I was DETERMIND to take on this journey like a BOSS!! I prepared myself physically as best I could and I am always looking for where I can grow in my mindset. I had tools that have worked in my weight loss journey to prepare my mindset for THIS journey and I was so grateful for that! Although, being a human being and with mindset being our toughest challenge with most of what comes up for us, that is where my struggle came into play.
Being STOPPED in our tracks by our mindset really holds us back from SO much and eventually it starts to flow over into other areas of our life. Having the ability recognize when this happens is one of the most valuable tools we can have in our tool box. I don’t know where I would be without my handy dandy toolbox!! In my video I share how I got stopped and how I chose to break through that obstacle. In doing so, I grew, I pushed myself and I regained confidence in what I could do. I was a stand for NOT allowing my circumstance to define me and get in the way of all I had worked so hard for.
I also speak a bit about the support I had over this past year but I don’t think I really shared how much of a difference it makes when your CHOOSE to surround yourself with people that lift you up and people that push you to be better today that you were yesterday! You will never be as successful in your journey or in reaching your goals when you try to do it alone!! Surround yourself with AWESOMENESS and that what you will BE!!

Much Love,
Coach KMA

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