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Meal Prep Made Easy with Coach KMA ~ Summer Cookout Secrets

No More Using “Summer Cookouts” As An Excuse!

“But….Its summertime and it’s SO HARD to stay on track and PLAN” UMMMMM no more using that long time excuse!! Summertime cookouts are the PERFECT time to utilize meal prepping and having someone else cook for you!!

In my video below, I share how I got almost a weeks worth of meal prep done with NO extra time AND with someone doing the cooking!! There are ALWAYS going to be things getting in the way of making all we are wanting to do fit easily into our schedule. You know what it’s called?? LIFE, my friends. If we don’t learn to adapt to LIFE then we will be forever held back in most anything we try to accomplish. In other words….we gotta get out of our own way and pay attention to what resources we have around us.

A few things I share in my video.

  • Your cooking for a cookout anyway, so whats a few more pieces of chicken on the grill..??
  • Generally it’s a guy cooking during a cookout. Take advantage of that guy cooking YOUR meal prep food!
  • When preparing your food (marinading),  prepare some extra to cook later in the week. Your already taking the time to prep for the cookout.

Thanks for checking out this weeks Meal Prep Monday video and reading my blog. There has been so much that I have learned on my journey that has helped simplify my life and It’s such a pleasure to be able to share it with YOU!! Keep your eyes open for next Monday’s Meal Prep LIVE on my Facebook page and if we are not already friends then please send me a friend request and take soak up all that I share with my Peeps!! Here is last weeks Monday Meal Prep Blog in case you missed it. I share how to know what to buy adn how much to buy when planning your meal prep.

Much Love,

Coach KMA

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