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Top Detox Questions


You Want to Detox But You Have So Many Questions, Right?

Today I bring you an exciting blog with a special guest who will answer the top 5 detox questions. Korryn is a Holistic Practitioner and we work closely together in the holistic health field. She is an amazing source or knowledge and education and I’m so happy to be sharing her with you today!

1 – How do I know if I have to detox?

Well, there’s lots of answers to this. One especially, just listen to your body. If you feel sluggish or feeling like it’s overworked or you’re just not having that energy, there is probably a chance that you’ve got too many toxins in the body that are stuck, that need help getting out. Doing a cleanse would really help that. There’s lots of different cleanses out there and one that I like to recommend is all plant sourced.We want to give that plant nutrition back to our bodies because that’s the way that God intended it to work. We living organisms too so they do very well with plants.

2 – Do I need to eat differently during the detox?

I would recommend eating as clean as possible, but I also know that we live in the real world and sometimes we cannot control the environment that we’re in. Get in your healthy fats and clean  lean meats in if you can. Fish and chicken are great, of course and lots of vegetables and fruits, that’s where you’re going to see the best results. I’ve had people detox and clean up their diet and they do very, very well then I have other that are still struggling to clean up their diet and have still seen decent results from detoxing. But, honestly, if you’re going to take that time to detox then put both feet in and clean up that diet and drink lots of water.

3 – How often should I detox?

Ideally, seasonally or quarterly. With the change of seasons is a wonderful time and it’s kind of like spring cleaning your body.  As far as quarterly, we are finding that about every three to four months people could really use clean up. We deal with chemicals in the air, in the environment and in our foods and we just simply need it!

We hear from people and I used to think, but I eat healthy, I don’t have to detox. We also  hear that your body naturally detoxes. So, here is the thing, we live in a world with lots of toxins and chemicals in the air we breathe so the only way around that would be if you are going to go live in the mountains, not drive a car, grow your own food and raise your own animals. There’s lots of different things that add the toxins in to our bodies including our food sources. There are safe ways to do it now where we’re going to get a productive detox.

To wrap up this answer, you don’t HAVE to detox. This can get controversial because a lot of people say is our bodies should do it naturally by itself. Yet that is in a perfect world of which we do not live in.

3 – Am I going to lose weight doing a detox?

I find most want this answer to be yes but truthfully, some do and some do not. However, a detox is not necessarily for weight loss. I like to call it rejuvenating our bodies and it is going to prepare our bodies for weight loss. So when we get in that habit of cleaning up the Diet  and drinking the perfect amount of water, it’s amazing what can happen. Weight loss will come when your body’s ready and if you just focus on one organ or one gland that you’re detoxing, a lot of times you will not see those outside quick results.

Detoxing is a great great gateway to bringing that healthy lifestyle to the next level and  you’re taking the step forwards to that weight loss goal.

5 – Can I over detox?

This is a good one for many because when you find a detox that works for you and you feel good, you want to detox all day long! Well, you can over detox. We really just want to bring our bodies back into a balance and when we are constantly putting our bodies through a little bit more stricter regimen, it doesn’t allow our bodies to actually do other things or it’s going to overtax some of the organs and glands. One thing that I’m really seeing right now, there’s a lot of people that are overtaxing their adrenal glands, which is not ideal. This makes it harder for you to lose weight even though they are thinking that if I just keep on this, then the weight will come off. Not true and is sometimes we do a little bit more harm than good. Stick to that seasonal/quarterly calendar.

One sign of overtaxing your body is when you end up in the bathroom more than out of the bathroom. This will drain you of not only your freedom to go about your day but also energy. In fact there have been clients that have called me and said, it’s not working. I have energy, but I’m not stuck in the bathroom all day! She said, I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m actually able to go and do things with my family. I’m able to go to the grocery store and not to worry. Be aware and educate yourself BEFORE jumping into anything!

BONUS Tip – With detox options everywhere, its hard to know which one is right for you. Something to look for is what your suggested calorie intake is or if there even is one. When you are detoxing and restricting your body of calories and nutrients, it exhausts your body and it can’t function and repair itself the way it’s supposed to. In other words, you can effectively detox without starving yourself! Less is not always better.

As always, I’m here to just educate you on detoxing and share my experiences along with the experiences of the people I work with and my clients. I am not a medical doctor, but I will help you and be your advocate and help you find what works best for you!

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Click here to learn more about the Detox that I have chosen and feel free to reach out with any questions! I would love to chat!

With Much Love,

Coach Kristen

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