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Adventures Outside Your Comfort Zone

Choosing Adventures Over Self Doubt

Adventures, so many adventures out there waiting for us to but there’s a difference between just having an adventure and having an adventure that is outside your comfort zone and I crushed some self doubt!

I had a pretty amazing experience today that I can’t not share with you! You might be thinking, “What could be so amazing about anything having to do with self doubt?” and I hope you are because because that will give me the opportunity to teach you that self doubt can in fact turn out to be a FUN adventure!!

Lets Talk Adventures!

Adventures, so many adventures out there waiting for us to but there’s a difference between just having an adventure and having an adventure that is outside your comfort zone.

This week I’m in Utah on an adventure, a super fun adventure in my leadership. An adventure that I did not see as a possiblity when the opportunity first came up but we will get to that later in the blog. First I want to share my experience of a hike in the mountains.

It started out, or so I thought, as just a 1 mile hike around a lake. Easy Peasy, right?!? Not so much!

The path became more and more slanted as we got deeper into the hike. My mind immediately went to self doubt:

I don’t think I can do this!

I feel weird pressure on my knees and ankles!

What if I fall?

I should probably not chance this!

This is where we are naturally programmed to go. Our minds instantly go to protecting us from fear. I obviously wasn’t turning back and I wasn’t by myself so I knew I had some help if I needed it. I know that my knees are pretty strong and were not going to break on me. I mean come on, they are titanium! I also knew that if I said I was going to do it that I was going to do it! Good news is that I made it!

Then we got to this stream that we were going to have to cross. Seriously?!?! My mind just got passed the slanted trails and now this?!? So, we had a few options. Try to balance and walk across the stream on the log….ummmm NOPE! Try to jump from slippery wet rock to slippery wet rock to try to avoid getting our shoes wet…..ummmm NOPE! Last option was to take our shoes off and just walk through it. Yep, thats what we did and good news again, we made it!

Here come those self doubting thoughts again:

What if I fall?

These rocks are so slippery, I am not going to make it!

I want to go back!

This is hard and a little scary!

Once we got back on flat ground, my first words were “That was so much fun and I am so glad we did that!”

Did it take something to get myself out of the fear and self doubt conversation that my mind was trying have? ABSOLUTELY! I share this because I had self doubt through a good part of the adventure but what made this experience so amazing is what my mind got in addition to just being out hiking. Thats where the gold is!

I challenge YOU to create an adventure that is outside your comfort zone!  Take on an adventure where take on something that you wouldn’t normally take on and have some self doubt about being able to do it, something outside your normal reach. Take on that mindset that you can do it and that you are deserving of having a life full of adventure and realize that you are powerful enough to create anything that you want to create. THAT is  when you really get to live.

You will give yourself a life of freedom of just being wherever you want to be. Will there be trying times and self doubt? Of course, beacuse when you play BIG it takes a lot to create something but once you can do that, so much opens up for you.

My Utah Adventure

It really took something to get out here. I have lots of other responsibilities that needed to be managed. I have learned this awesome tool of creating teams and teamwork along with being surrounded by a community and that is how I create freedom to have it all. What I will get from being here, I know will have an impact on so many areas of my life AND it has shown me that I CAN create adventures and get past the self doubt and step outside my comfort zone.

Again, I challenge YOU to take on your own scary adventure!


Think about something that you’ve been wanting to do but all your self doubt has kept you from taking any action around it. This can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a crooked hike and going barefoot through a stream of slippery rocks, but something that has you excited yet maybe a little nervous at the same time. A new job? Planning a vacation? Having that conversation you’ve been avoiding. Anything! Just choose it!

Create it as an adventure and believe you can do it! Start by creating a structure. Having structure in place to make things happen is what makes the difference. And if you’re not sure how to create that structure, I can help you! I LOVE creating structures. I create structures around everything in my life and one of my most favorite things to do is to help other people create structures.

I really hope you got something from this blog and see more than me just sharing a story around a crooked hike and walking across a stream in bare feet on slippery rocks, but look at it as an adventure that I took that I was full of self doubt and I did it anyway.

Creating a life of fun memories, adventures and living a life you love is something that we all should have, can have and deserve!! CLICK HERE and reach out and let me help you create your next adventure!!

Check out my video below that goes a little bit more into my adventure today and what I discovered.

Much Love,

Coach KMA

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