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Short Sleeves Time

Warmer weather means wearing short sleeves, tank tops, and cute dresses that show arms and shoulders. Are you ready to have summer ready arms that can last through the year?

Here are three great moves to help you work on your arms! Grab your dumbbells. You can use a pair of 2-lbs to 8-lbs. Determine which works best for you.

  1. Triceps Work

    Hold your weights in the plank position. Pull your right hand with the dumbbell to your chest with your elbow pointing to the ceiling. Next, straighten your right arm back and hold that for 3 seconds. Then bend your elbow and lower your arm. Repeat on the left side. Do eight reps. This works your arms, chest, back, and abs.
    If planking is difficult, you can do these arm movements on all fours.
    If you want to intensify this, you can do eight reps before switching to the opposite side.

  2. Shoulder Work

    Standing straight up, with your weights in your hands in front of thighs, and your feet hip-width apart. Raise your right arm out to the side and your left arm forward. Keep the weights at shoulder height. Lower and reverse on the other side. Repeat on both sides six times each. This will work abs and shoulders. You can use lighter weights if necessary. You can also intensify this by doing lifts while balancing on one leg to engage your core.

  3. Chest and Back Work

    Kneel on your right knee with your left foot forward and your left knee bent at 90 degrees behind you. Position the weights near your calves with your palms inward. Lower your chest toward your thigh. Spread your arms up and out resembling a T. Return back to the start and fan open on the opposite side. Do reps of six. This works your back, shoulders, and core. You can do this without weights if needed. You can intensify by straightening your leg back into a deep lunge.

    Your three moves are waiting for you. Summer arms are on the way!

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