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Take in conjuction with SolleComplete, CinnaMate as part of a complete energy and weight management program.

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Solle Vital is an all natural, plant-based drink that is made up of three powerful ingredient blends chlorophyll, trace minerals, and adaptogens.


CinnaMate is a sweet cinnamon drink that provides increased energy and focus through natural stimulation, enhanced digestion, and sugar management.

What is it?

This kit contains a ‘Holistic Health and Weight Loss Guide’ to get you started on your journey. This guide will help you on your journey by providing a self-assessment and daily progress tracker, as well as necessary information about mindset, nutrition, and movement. It also contains great information about the products in this kit.

This kit contains our foundational drinks Solle Vital and CinnaMate, which come in individualized drink packets, along with our scoopable plant-based protein drink, SolleComplete. It also comes with our supercharged, encapsulated product PowerChi and all for only $194.

What does it do?

This kit takes a holistic approach towards helping you get your mindset right so you can lose those unwanted pounds by giving you energy to keep moving, stabilizing your blood sugar to manage cravings, and giving you the nutrients and protein you need to feel full.

How do I use it?

The daily usage of each of these products is described in the daily protocol, but here are some general tips to remember:

  • Use Solle Vital and PowerChi as a pre-workout boost so you can power through your fitness routine.
  • Switch out coffee for CinnaMâte to start your day with a healthy, delicious, hot beverage.
  • Use SolleComplete as part of your meal replacement shake.
  • When you have sugar cravings, kick it to the curb by having a CinnaMâte instead of your usual treat.
  • Mix SolleComplete with coconut or almond milk to help give it a smooth texture.

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