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How to Have Success as a Fitness Coach While Still Being a Parent

Most of us have encountered plenty of hurdles and speed bumps along our path to becoming the best version of ourselves. One of the most challenging struggles is finding balance between our fitness goals and our family and children. Not only do we have our own fitness goals to worry about but we are also serve as a support group for those on the path with us and finding time and energy to manage everything can be tough.

Below are some tips on how to face these challenges head on and remain successful:


Time Block –

Time management is one of the pillars of success in any business model. Setting aside blocks of time to take care of specific customer needs will allow you to plan your day and stay on course. This will also benefit your clients tremendously because they for example will know during this 2 hour window you will be helping with this certain task or question. They will not waste their time waiting for you, uncertain of when you will be responding or available to help because you have set the expectation. This form of time management will also let your family know exactly what to expect from you as a fitness coach so they stay in the loop as well and are clear on when you are working and when you have down time.

Time Block

Set Limits –

Although it may be a difficult skill to learn at first, it is imperative to learn the power of saying the word no. You cannot become a doormat for either the needs of your family or your business. Communication is key in any relationship so try setting some guidelines to help keep priorities in order. For you to have success as a fitness coach, you will need your family’s full support and understanding. You cannot do this alone. But be clear with your customers when family time is needed. Let them know in advance as much as possible so they can plan and manage their needs as well. Together everyone can succeed.


Incorporate your Family –

A great way to shorten the distance between your family and your business is to bring the two together. Finding ways to incorporate your family and children into your fitness goals and business will allow you to grow and keep spending time together. While finding ways to spend time as a family, you can grow your clientele and reach out to coaches who have similar interests and who also seek to incorporate their kids as they become more fit.

Incorporate your Family

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