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Joining a group along with others that are all working towards similar goals truly has an impact in you reaching your goals! The support, motivation and accountability that is provided will challenge and guide you every step the way. No more trying to do it alone!!


You Will Get 1 On 1 VIP Coaching To Support YOU In Finding Your Complete Balance!

For me, my SIZE is the smallest difference! I now have a healthy MINDSET. Im CONFIDENT. I have a healthy LIFESTYLE that keeps me focused and has empowered me in maintaining a 120lb weight loss for over 10 years!

Same person with a NEW inside and outside!! Maintaining a weight loss is a whole different monster than actually losing the weight! I will Coach you to a new lifestyle that will guide you through your weight loss journey as well as teach you how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle!

*NEW*  Specialized Coaching In All Areas That Surround Weight Loss Surgery!

What Separates ME from Other Coaches?

There is so much that goes into making the choice to have Weight Loss Surgery then so much goes into creating a new lifestyle that you can maintain forever. You do NOT have to do it ALONE! Take advantage of my SPECIALIZED COACHING and TOGETHER lets create a new path for your journey! I’ve been there and I’ve done that! I know the mind games that occur BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Weight Loss Surgery. I LIVED it!! I can support, motivate and hold you accountable to your goals. Whether you are having, have had or are considering Weight Loss Surgery, THIS is the the place you YOU!

Keep Your Goals A Priority!

  • Learn how to set attainable goals
  • Create new healthy habits
  • Find the power in the support of others
  • Learn how to make time for you
  • Stay empowered to keep pushing through obstacles

Join My VIP Group

Joining my VIP Group will give you the tools, support, accountability and motivation to set you on your path for a healthier happier lifestyle.


What Actual Clients Have To Say!

" I am taking my life back 10lbs at a time! In this challenge I have stuck to meal prepping and have stayed committed to some kind of exercise. I will take this 20 POUND weight loss and use it as my stepping stone into greatness!!! Thank you to everyone on here for cheering me on and helping me to stay motivated! I also saved $200 on my grocery bill while on this challenge by paying attention to what I was eating and meal prepping!"

~ Jill

"Kristen, your an amazing, supportive, encouraging coach and I thank you for that!! I also loved meeting new people and watching their journeys. My favorite part of the challenge was all of the support from other peeps! My results were good. My goal was discipline and accountability and that I was successful with. I feel stronger, Esp in my legs from P90! This was my first time with on demand workouts so that was amazing!!!

~ Beth

" Thank you Kristen for inviting me to the challenge. The challenge was so fun. Just what I needed to get my ass in gear for the marathon. LOVED the group. Everyone is super nice and supportive.
I so NEEDED this. Accountability is key. Meal prep was a life saver so many days.
I can honestly say I looked forward to seeing what everyone else was going to post on a daily basis.
I look forward to the next challenge. Let's keep this party train rollin!!!
Oh, and lost a total of 9.6 lbs!"

~ Carolyn

Join My VIP Program

Stop putting your LIFE off!! Choose YOU today and start creating the life that you’ve been dreaming of  for yourself and your family. The days will pass regardless! Always remember that yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is not guaranteed and today is a GIFT!