Bella "Beautiful" Health 90 Day Program

Our Bella “Beautiful” Health 90-Day Program will support you in creating Empowering BEHAVIORS that will lead you to BALANCE with your metabolism, emotional well-being, and gut health.

Myself, as a Certified Wellness Consultant, along with Holistic Practitioners, Gut Health Specialists, and a Naturopathic Doctor, created the solid groundwork for a 90-day program that focuses on the emotional, behavioral and gut aspect of meeting a broad array of health goals. We have also added a specific herbal nutrition regimen to dig deeper into areas such as reducing digestive inflammation and gut issues, balancing bowel building, emotional well being, and Reestablishing a healthy working metabolism.

In this 90 Day Program, you will have the opportunity to learn, grow, implement actions to create new healthy habits and dig deep into discovering your inner Bella “BEAUTY” that will give you access to new levels of reaching your long term health goals with the added support of amazing Adaptogen Herbal Blends.

Bella “Beautiful” Health

emotions ~  gut ~ metabolism

Program Highlights:

  • Wake up your digestive system and stabilize your daily energy
  • Empower Digestive and Immune Health
  • Power up your energy and metabolism
  • Calm your gut and mind
  • Create balance around mindset and behaviors

Over the first 30 days, each week we will have a specific focus that will teach you not only about the stages of what is going on in your body but will give you tools that you can use forever.

You will also receive 30 days of FREE coaching and access to the entire Holistic Team that created this program. We will be tracking behaviors, emotions, nutrition, and progress.

  • Week 1 – Empowerment / Metabolism
  • Week 2 – Emotional / Behaviors
  • Week 3 – Digestion / Gut
  • Week 4 – Wrap Up / What’s Next

In order to move forward in any “DIS-EASE” we need a Beautiful Gut,
Let’s make that change with this 90-Day Bella “Beautiful” Health Journey!

Bella "BEAUTIFUL" Health

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