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My Weight Loss Surgery Journey Part 1 ~ The Choice ~

What Drove Me To My Choice To Have Weight Loss Surgery

Making the choice to have Weight Loss Surgery was more out of necessity and survival vs just something that I wanted.

In the video below I share what drove me to choosing Weight Loss Surgery. It was definitely NOT something that I took lightly!

I didn’t do it because I wanted a “QUICK FIX”

I didn’t do it because I was LAZY

I didn’t do it because I didn’t FEEL like working out

I didn’t do it so I could be SKINNY

I did it because I needed more HELP than I could give myself

I did it for my HEALTH

I did it to create a new future

I did it to fight my genetics

What I took on with making this choice was the commitment to a new life, A better chance of being there for my children and future Grandchildren, A STRONG, HEALTHY role model for those around me and the opportunity to treat my body with the RESPECT that it deserves.

My MISSION is to support those that are going through what I went through. To let them know that they are not alone. To help them see that all those crazy thoughts that go through our heads are not worth listening to!

My GOAL is to build a community where those that have chosen Weight Loss Surgery have a safe and judgement free zone to go to. To get resources, support, motivation and tools to live a happy successful fulfilling life after surgery.

Please do not EVER feel ashamed to reach out and get the help and or support you need. It’s hard to ask for help but doing it alone is even harder!

That one phone call could save your LIFE!!

With Much Love,




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