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Giving Up Your RUT ~ Tip: 2 Stop Blaming Others

It’s Not Easy Taking Responsibility

When it comes to looking for “reasons” why we are in a RUT, as human beings, we look to blame others. I mean seriously, if everyone wasn’t so miserable or if they would just do things the RIGHT way, I wouldn’t be so stressed out all the time!! Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, BLAMING anyone will not solve a thing!

Have a mindset shift and get rid of trying to “BLAME” anyone, including yourself and just start being RESPONSIBLE! Responsibility does not have to be seen as a burden or something ELSE to do. There is actually a lot of power in taking responsibility. Taking responsibility for your actions, your words and for whats NOT working in your life is what will give you freedom to release yourself from your RUT and empower you to create an amazing life for yourself! Who doesn’t DREAM of having and amazing life?!?!

A few places to look when you find yourself in a RUT;

  • Work – What can YOU do to make your work environment a place where you look forward to going to? How can YOU create fun relationships with your coworkers?
  • Home – What can YOU do to enjoy being at home? Are there unfinished projects that you can take on completing? Can you have others in your home take on more responsibilities to help you?
  • Relationships – What can you GIVE UP that would improve your relationships? Do you have the need to control conversations? Are you always looking for validation that your good enough? Are you impulsive when reacting to things that don’t go your way?

WOW!!! Could you imagine what your life would be like if you truly looked forward to going to work everyday and enjoyed being with your coworkers? If you had EVERYONE in your home contributing to daily chores and house projects? If you had relationships that you could have any conversation at any time and you always felt GOOD after?

Pretty amazing right?!?! Good news is that it’s totally POSSIBLE but it all comes down to YOU and the work that YOU are willing to put in!

Much Love,


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