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Mindset Motivation ~ No Time For Time Management!

Who Has The Time To Work On Their Time Management Skills?

This was my mindset for most of my life! Always feeling like I needed to be in rush, like everything needed to get done as an emergency or it would not get done at all!! HOLY STRESS!! There is NO Complete Balance in that!!!

I saw a quote on my sister’s wall this morning that said “Your Journey is unfolding exactly the way it’s supposed to”. Reading that has grounded me in so many ways today! Especially with my time management. Being present to that quote I’ve been able to look at the unscheduled things in my day an truly appreciate them.  Yes, I will need to be very intentional with my time to get done what needs to get done but whats awesome is that today, I will show myself how much I can produce in a short amount of time!

Being able to take every experience in our lives and see it as an opportunity to GROW, LEARN and LOVE is such a gift. It takes some work to be able to do this but once you get there it’s access to a whole new world!

It’s not human nature for us to naturally see and live into our own strengths, not do we often see and do the same for others. We are our own biggest obstacles yet we see the SITUATIONS that we face as the obstacles. The POWER is within ourselves to create from our experiences and chose to either settle or chose to GROW, LEARN and LOVE!

TODAY I am seeing myself as someone who is intentional and can power through hours worth of work in an an hour!! Who do you see yourself as today? Declare who you are and that is who you will be!!

Much Love,


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