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Getting Back On Track ~ Step 1 Accountability

Struggling With Getting Back On Track?

It is no joke the struggle of trying to get back on track! I am pretty sure that it is a regular routine in most of our lives! Whether it’s back on track with out fitness and nutrition, back on track with our relationships, back on track with our projects at home, back on track with our work or juts back on track with being present to what is going on around us.

ACCOUNTABILITY: the quality or state of being accountable, liable, or answerable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.


I have found in my experiences that when I am being held ACCOUNTABLE, that is when I see results. That is true in all areas of my life! How we can be accountable is in SHARING with others what we are out to accomplish, the goals we are setting for ourselves, deadlines we need to reach etc. When you have others in your world, it’s like having your very own personal cheer-leading squad! How cool is that?!?

There is NOTHING in your life that you couldn’t use an accountability partner for! When you are choosing who you are going to share with and who you would like to help you stay accountable, be sure to look closely at your relationship with this person. Will they “call you out” when your not doing what you said you were going to do? Are they someone that you can truly honest with when you do not follow through with something? Are they that friend that always agrees with you and enables you in your excuses?

Again, speaking from my experiences, the strongest relationships are those that you can have COMPLETE BALANCE of honesty in all areas of your life. True honesty is LOVE! This does not mean that those friends that  always see it from your point of view or that enable you in your excuses are not real friends BUT they are not the ones that you want supporting you in being held ACCOUNTABLE and in your journey to getting back on track. Every single person in our life is there for a specific reason. The tricky part is just figuring out what that reason is.

Much Love,


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