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The Coach Life ~ Balancing The Grind

Without Balance You Will Burn Out Fast!

Of course the idea of working from home sounds amazing and something that many dream of! I’m here to tell you that the reality of working home IS amazing and is something that I ALWAYS dreamed of. It is sometimes hard to believe that it’s actually REAL! With all that being said, it’s not always easy. Is it worth it, ABSOLUTELY! You get back whatever you put in. YOU are the one in control of how your business grows!!

I’ve been Coaching for 3 years and I have never grown so much in my life!! I’ve been comfortable and I’ve been uncomfortable. I’ve done things that have worked and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve wanted to quit and I’ve sworn I would NEVER give up my job. Some days I’ve loved being on track and other days I’ve been way off track. Every single day is different but every day is an opportunity to LEARN, GROW and HELP others!! How could that not be AWESOME?!?

I did not have the balance when I first started Coaching and my family was OK with that…..for a little while, then that wore off. Working from your phone or your laptop and being able to do it from anywhere makes it really easy to work every second of every day. Easy to do when you LOVE what you do! I eventually saw that I needed a balance if I was going to stay in the game. It was tough setting “work hours” but it was necessary. I have lots of support in the Coaching community and I am usually in a training/accountability group that helps keep me on track! This has made a world of difference and now I can GRIND, have family time and still make sure my clients are well taken care of.

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to create the life that works for me and my family! There is something to be said about building something of your own and working for your freedom and not for someone else’s!! You could build a life with this same freedom! Click here and lets chat!

Much Love,



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