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The Coach Life ~ Why I Chose Beachbody

How Do You Know When You Have Made The Right Choice With Coaching?

In my opinion, you know you have made the right choice when you would do your job for FREE! Of course getting a paycheck is an important part of having a job but when you truly love your job so much that you would be totally ok with doing it for free, THAT is when you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

LIVING YOUR PURPOSE AND WORKING YOUR PASSION is not something that everyone gets to experience. That doesn’t mean that everyone CAN’T experience it! Most people think that their “DREAM JOB” is too far from their reach. NOT TRUE! I had no idea what was possible for me in my life until I jumped in with two feet.

I first started with Team Beachbody for a few reasons, one being that it was a super cheap way to start my own business. I knew what I wanted to do but I just wasn’t sure how to get it going and how to market myself as someone who wanted to help others create a lifestyle change. I knew I didn’t want to just help with their fitness or just with their nutrition or just their mindset. I wanted to help with ALL of it. I had been on my own lifestyle change and weight loss journey for 7 years when I first started Coaching and I knew that it took ALL of the above to be successful and reach my goals. Beachbody gave me the platform, tools and support to take this Coaching thing on.

In my video below, I go deeper into my decision and share from my heart not only just why I chose Team Beachbody but why I chose to STAY. If you think Coaching could be something for you, please reach out and lets chat! No strings attached, just conversation! Click here to learn more!!

Much Love,


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