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Why Detox Your Body?

Should I Or Should I Not Detox?

Why detox your body? There is so much hype these days around detoxing/cleansing and you might be wondering, should I or shouldn’t I? Honestly, it’s a personal choice you need to make for yourself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in doing what everyone else is but PLEASE do not ever let that be the reason you take something on, especially when it comes to your body.


I chose to educate myself and that is what I am sharing with you here.


Why Detox my body? Because I said you should? Sure! That would be great, BUT not without at least hearing what I have to share first!All that I bring to you is strictly from my experience and the experience of those that I work with in my holistic health business as well as my clients.




Let’s do this! Here are a few things we will touch on relating to “Why Detox?”

  • Waste in our digestive tract
  • Boosting our immune system
  • Too much gunk (possibly 5-20lbs!)
  • Restoring blanace
  • Gut brain connection
  • Inflammation
  • Lymphatic System
  • Ridding the body of icky STANK
  • Sleep, Anxiety and Energy

So, why detox your body? When we don’t have a clean digestive tract, our body doesn’t function properly. It just doesn’t work the way it is meant to and it goes into overdrive. No matter how we treat our body, it is always, always, trying to do the right thing. When we don’t have that clean, smooth digestive track and things are not working the way they’re supposed to be, our body starts working overtime, which is why we’re exhausted and sick.

You might be thinking “Yeah I get all that BUT I eat right and exercise!” Well my friends, no matter how clean we think we eat, nobody’s perfect so get over yourself!!

Did you know our Gut is called our second brain? It’s for good reason. Like, when you say “I just have a gut feeling”, that is legit!  Our gut is directly connected to our brain as well as everything else! Who knew we could be generating anxiety because our gut is messed up?? Crazy right?!?!

There is much gunk in there and that has everything clogged up and not functioning. Actually we could have, this is really kind of like gross, but, we could have 5 to 20 pounds of like Yuckies in there!! So gross, Right? Do not start beating yourself up, it’s something that just naturally builds up over time and when we don’t take those extra steps to really clean it out, that’s what happens. It just builds up and it stays there.

Our body absorbs toxins through the air that we breathe, through our skin (body was, laundry detergent, perfumes etc) and through the food we eat. And like I said, we all like to think that we’re eating everything that we’re supposed to be eating, but nobody’s perfect and there is no food out there that is perfect either!  So, there’s all different ways toxins are getting into our body.

When you detox your body, you are also detoxing your organs. Our liver for instance allows our blood to be all clean and pretty. A healthy liver will do just that, yet an unhealthy liver could have a huge impact on your health in many ways.

There are many benefits that a good gentle detox can have on our body and there are so many detoxes out there! How do you know what one is right for you? That’s your own personal choice.

Does a clean gut really help you think more clearly?? Ummmmm YES!! Not only that but you can also have more energy and sleep better. You can also process food better because there is not so much gunk in there blocking things up. You can have regular bowel movements, which for some people is like heaven! Having a clean gut allows your body to absorb nutrients from your food better and it restores the natural balance in your body. We ALL need that!!

When you detox your body and you’re ridding the body of all the toxins, you are also lowering your risk of these are some super fun things like, tooth decay, body odor and bad breath. Who wants that sticking around any longer than necessary!?!? A detox can also clear up skin issues that people have been battling their whole life. I was just having a conversation with a client who has been battling eczema and through detoxing, it cleared up! That was pretty exciting!!

Whenever something is happening that we sense is not normal in our body, it’s because something inside is off balance. Ideally the goal is always to get your body back on track and balanced to where it’s supposed to be so it can do what it’s supposed to do!

Reducing inflammation is a HUGE benefit from detoxing. We are all familiar with arthritis and the pain that comes along with it as well as other auto immune diseases. Could you imagine being pain free just because you detox your gut? Or your parents or grandparents being pain free? Well, it’s totally possible!

Our lymphatic system is what gets rid of the toxins in our body. So, what happens if that’s not working correctly? Nothing is getting rid of and its all just staying put and wrecking havoc on our insides and outsides. That’s where most of the buildup comes from. When you detox, you’re able to actually clean out that lymph system, get it doing what it’s supposed to be doing  and doing its job!

So, listen……I get that many of us do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and make healthy food choices and that is amazing but it is also it’s important to understand that our environment has us exposed to toxins daily and it makes it that much harder for our body to fight what it’s supposed to fight and prevents us from naturally having a clean gut all the time without taking action. There is ALWAYS more we can do!!

Check out my video on Why Detox Your Body and click here to learn more about the Detox that I have chosen.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! I would love to chat!

With Much Love,

Coach KMA

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