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Getting Your Daily Diet Back On Track ~ Part 1

My Top 4 Tips To Getting Your Daily Diet Back On Track

Today I am going to share  my top four tips for getting your daily diet back on track. But first, STOP STRESSING!!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because it’s what I’m doing myself right now and what I want you to get is that there are other people around you that are trying to do the same thing! You are NEVER alone!

Most of you know that I am a health and wellness advocate and I hold people accountable. I empower my clients and Team members in what they’re out to create in their lifestyle, in their health and in their business. With all that being said, I am not too proud to say that I struggle too. I will ALWAYS be open and honest with my lifers.

The 4 tips that I have for you today, are the very habits that I am putting into action right here right now while getting my daily diet back on track! Are you ready to get your healthy habits back on track?

My Top 4 Tips to Getting Your Daily Diet Back On Track ~

  • Have a meal plan to follow
  • Find accountability
  • Meal prep
  • Create a solid schedule

1 ~ Follow a meal plan

Have a plan. Don’t just try to wing it. When you try to wing it, it just doesn’t work! Even if you have a plan and you think you know that plan by the back of your hand, please, don’t wing it. You need to be following something and tracking. I’ve talked about tracking before. Most everything in life needs to be tracked, especially when you are looking for results.

When we get paid, we have to track our hours, right?

We track our miles on our car to know when we need an oil change, right?

When we got report cards in school, our tests and quizzes were being tracked, right?

To know who won a hockey game, the goals of each team are tracked, right?

Now that we know how important tracking is to see results, this is no different. Having a structured plan that you’re going to follow takes the thinking out of it. Why make it more difficult than it really needs to be?

There are so many different plans out there that people are working with, whether it’s counting macros, keto, 21 Day Fix or weight, whatever it is, FOLLOW IT! There is no one size fits all and everybody’s lifestyle is different. Just educate yourself and find something that fits for you.

2 ~ Find accountability

There are at least a million types of accountability groups out there, get enrolled in an accountability group online or meet up with people locally. Find some way to hold yourself accountable and no looking for short cuts!

I use My fitness pal which has me being accountable to myself, right? But I need to have someone to say out loud. Someone to share what I did and what I didn’t do. Someone to cheer me on and support me when I’m stuck.  If you’re struggling, if you’re having a breakdown and you’re thinking, I can’t do this today. you have somebody, some group, some community. If you know me community, you hear me say community.

There is nothing too small to have an accountability partner for! I actually have an accountability partner specifically for making sure I get my shake in everyday. Crazy, right? NOPE! You would think that since holding people to account is what i do for my job that I would automatically hold myself to account no problem. Not true! I am just as human as you are! Go find accountability and get moving!

3 ~ Meal Prep

Prep, prep, prep, prep, prep. Did I say prep? Meal prepping is going to make your life so much easier. If you’re not prepped and you’re not prepared, then you’re going to grab for those “other” things. What happens with me is if I don’t have those “other” things in the house, then I just won’t have anything which in far from ideal. When you’re not feeding your body, it’s like not giving gas to a car to be able to run.  Your metabolism slows down, and your body doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to in addition to having NO energy!

4 ~ Create a solid schedule

Create a schedule and stick to it!

You can’t meal prep if you don’t get yourself to the grocery store. Right? We all live crazy busy lives and all kinds of reason will come up why you can not take the time to DO YOU. Although all those things that come up are reasons that are totally legit, they are all EXCUSES!

Having a schedule which includes every detail of your day including going to the grocery store, showering, working out, calls with your accountability partner, meal prepping, etc is going to empower you to really just keep yourself grounded.

Taking on these 4 tips to getting your daily diet back on track and following through is going to give you that sense of accomplishment. That you took on something BIG and you will know yourself as someone bigger than you were before and more capable of what you thought! YOU have the power to say how it is going to go and when you say that something’s going to happen and then that happens,BAMMMMM accomplishment and your back on track POWERFULLY!!


Bonus, bonus, bonus. We LOVE bonuses! Getting your daily diet back on track goes much deeper than just watching the numbers on the scale.

This bonus tip is to get yourself present to WHY you are doing what you’re doing. right? When you think about said WHY, it needs to be something that’s deeper than just because I want to lose 20 pounds or 50 pounds. When you think about it, it might make you cry. So, think about why it is that you’re taking your life on this health journey. What are the long term effects of what you’re doing for yourself and really just get present to something more than just the surface level of the numbers and what is the impact that this  these changes will have on those around you?

You can do this and always remember that there is NO doing it alone! If you saw something for yourself from reading this and need a little extra support, reach out here and let talk!

Watch my video below and take notes to get yourself set up powerfully!!

Much Love,

Coach KMA

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