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Meal Prep Monday #001

3 Recipes and 8 Meals In 20 Minutes Prep Time

Meal prep does not have to be as complicated as we make it. In my video below I share how I created 8 meals from 3 different recipes in 20 minutes! It can even all be done in ONE pan!! I also share that secret tip too. Today it only took me about 90 seconds to make up 2 dinners for my husband to take to work!! Not bad for only 20 minutes of work, right?!?!

I only cook a few nights a week and save tons of time in the kitchen due to the meal prep structure I set myself up with. This leaves me more time for my family, my workouts, my work and whatever else come up. Saving time is not the only benefit from meal prepping. Having your food prepared ahead of time, sets you up for a successful week of staying committed to your goals! The benefits do not stop there!! Having your meals prepared and ready to go helps you avoid ordering take out! Whether its lunch at work or dinner at home on a crazy busy night, the extra money spent on take out and the extra calories it adds onto your day is NOT worth it!

Putting the time aside to meal prep is not easy at first but once you start to see all the benefits I listed above, it becomes a MUST do and you figure it out. Meal prep is for EVERYONE and if you don’t think you have the time then we need a chat!! Who wouldn’t want to save hours in the kitchen, save money, cut your calorie intake and stay on track?!?!

I will continue to share Meal Prep Made Easy Tips and there will always be a surprise recipe in each blog!! Click here for today’s FREE Healthy recipe!!


Much Love,

Coach KMA

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