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Let your FEAR push you past your LIMITS!

Pushing Past My Fear Allowed For Opportunity


How many times have we let FEAR stop us or hold us back from doing something? Even something we really really wanted? If your a human being like me, then your answer is probably more than you would like to admit. I ALMOST let FEAR get in my way and looking back, I am SO grateful that I pushed through!

I was given an amazing opportunity to step into a leadership role at a regional level. An opportunity that would have me leading leaders. CRAZY right?!?! It was something that I saw as a far reach because I didn’t see myself as a leader at that level. I chose to take it on and was excited about the growth I would get from the experience. All was great UNTIL it was time for me to step into that role and LEAD!! I got all the body sensations that come with FEAR! Pit in my belly, sweaty palms, anxiety and I was even a little dizzy! This is how I spent the hours leading up to this meeting. The meeting came, it happened and then it was over and I was ALIVE! Then I lead another meeting with these same leaders the next day and it was so AMAZING and FUN!!!

When I think that this could have been a missed opportunity opportunity for me, I can’t help but think of what a almost slighted myself of. The opportunities that have come from me stepping past my FEAR and taking this on have been crazy awesome!! Choosing to surround myself with people that LIVE BIGGER is something that has become a way of life!!

Be stronger than you FEAR!! There are ALWAYS bigger things on the other side waiting for you!!


Much Love,

Coach KMA

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